Liac Group LLC

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360 degree, Tech-Forward, Premier IT Staffing Agency

Lilac Group LLC is a white-glove IT staffing agency that ensures you get top-tier IT professionals into your team and the most value-aligned individuals who will help you propel your business forward

We Go Beyond IT Staffing

You know it’s high time to get the support you need for your business from a dedicated IT specialist, BUT you already have so much on your plate (or desk). 

And you don’t have the time nor the energy to..

Your troubles do not end when you’ve hired and onboarded your new IT staff. Even when you’ve found the “right person for the position,” you need to implement a systematic way to onboard your new hire and ensure they have access to all the resources they need to perform at this new job. That is why we revolutionize IT staffing at Liac Group LLC. And we go beyond just finding the right hire for you.

About Us

Discover Our Expertise in Talent Acquisition, Development & Retention

Liac Group LLC specializes in providing 360-degree IT staffing solutions to businesses that need top-tier IT talent to join their roster.

Unlike most IT staffing agencies, we don’t stop at just matching you with the most promising IT professionals on our roster.

While we understand that the IT field demands a high proficiency level in current and emerging technologies, we go beyond just matching talent with clients on technical skills. We employ a comprehensive vetting process that looks into your company culture, unique values, and goals. Then, we match you with candidates that align with everything in mind.

This allows us to help you build and sustain a skilled workforce that will grow and scale your business with you.

Excellent Placements

We pride ourselves on not just filling positions, but on finding the perfect match between candidate and role


Tailored and Tech-forward Staffing Solution

Our team of recruiters comes with years of experience in sourcing, screening, and qualifying candidates who precisely fit your specific staffing needs and company standards. We employ the latest staffing technology to make finding top-tier candidates even more efficient.

Seamless Onboarding & On-going Staffing Support

We employ a comprehensive onboarding process that covers everything from paperwork to project initiation and task delivery. This way, we ensure that you get your money’s worth from this investment while gaining time to focus on what matters most – high-level decision-making for your business.

Future-proofing Your Leaders

As your staffing partner, you can trust us to find ways to equip our IT professionals with the latest in IT. We offer a range of courses that your workforce can take at their own pace for career and skill development. Building your company’s most efficient IT workforce has never been easier. We can even help you craft a learning path unique for your team regardless

How We Make IT Happen

1.Client Consultation

Our recruitment process starts with YOU - your company’s staffing needs, your short and long-term goals for your company, and how this new hire relates to that

2. Candidate Profiling

We build a candidate profile that explicitly fits your current and future business needs from this staff member and your capacities as an employer.

3. Candidate Screening

Our well-experienced recruiters will implement a tech-forward process to source, screen, and pre-qualify candidates.

4. Candidate Presentation

We will forward you the information of our top candidates from where you can choose whom to invite for an interview.

5. On-Going Management & Mentoring

Once you decide who to hire, we will onboard them. We will even manage your new team members so they are at their best to perform their functions for you!

Build Your Team of IT Specialists Today!

Get ready to onboard the IT specialist who will help propel your business forward today! Use the calendar below to schedule your initial call with us. It’s FREE!