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As a global leader in specialized training, we offer unparalleled courses in Business Analysis, Product Management, Scrum Master, Cybersecurity Audit, Risk, and Compliance. Our training programs are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s dynamic business world.

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We offer specialized courses in Business Analysis, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Audit, Risk, and Compliance. Each course is designed to provide both foundational knowledge and advanced skills in its respective field
Our courses are tailored to accommodate both beginners and experienced professionals. We have introductory courses for those new to a field and more advanced courses for those looking to deepen their expertise
Courses are offered in various formats to suit different learning preferences, including live virtual classrooms, and hybrid options that combine online and in-person sessions.
Absolutely! We offer comprehensive career support services, including CV and LinkedIn optimization, interview preparation, and mentorship to assist with job placements and career advancement.
The duration of each course varies depending on the subject and learning format. Most courses range from a few weeks to several months, allowing for both in-depth study and flexibility.
Some advanced courses may have prerequisites or require a certain level of experience or knowledge in the field. However, many of our courses are open to all, with no specific qualifications needed to enroll.

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Enrolling in the Business Analysis course at Liac Training Consult was a turning point in my career. The depth of the curriculum and the expertise of the instructors were unparalleled. It not only expanded my skill set but also boosted my confidence immensely. Thanks to Liac Training Consult, I landed my dream job as a Senior Business Analyst at a leading firm.

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The practical insights and hands-on projects in the product management/ Scrum Master training were exactly what I needed to progress in my career. The course honed my existing skills and introduced me to new, innovative approaches. Thanks to the training I received, I am now leading more significant projects with greater impact.

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The Cybersecurity course exceeded all my expectations. The knowledge and experience of the trainers were evident in every session. The course was comprehensive, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. Post-completion, I feel fully equipped to handle complex security challenges and have recently been promoted to a managerial position in my company.