Liac Group LLC

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Our Passion for Talent Management

About Us

Discover Our Passion for Talent Management and Recruiting Excellence

Liac Group LLC specializes in providing 360 degree IT staffing solutions to businesses who need top-tier IT talent to join their roster. Unlike most IT staffing agencies, we don’t stop at just matching you with the most promising IT professionals in our roster.

While we understand that the field of IT demands a high level of proficiency in current and emerging technologies, we go beyond just matching talent with clients on just technical skill. We employ a comprehensive vetting process that also looks into your company culture, its unique values and your goals. And then we match you with candidates that are in alignment with all that in mind.

This allows us to help you build and sustain a skilled workforce that will grow and scale your business with you.

Mission Statement

our mission is to empower organizations with exceptional talent and drive their success

Liac Group LLC is dedicated to revolutionizing the IT staffing landscape by providing comprehensive 360-degree solutions. Our mission extends beyond mere talent placement; we commit to understanding the unique cultural and aspirational fabric of each business we partner with.

By integrating this deeper insight with our rigorous vetting process, we ensure the alignment of top-tier IT professionals with the specific needs, values, and goals of our clients. Our focus is not just on filling positions but on fostering enduring partnerships that empower businesses to thrive with a workforce that scales and evolves in tandem with their growth.”

Our Values

We are guided by integrity, innovation, collaboration, and a relentless

At Liac Group LLC, our values are the cornerstone of our approach. We believe in Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence. Integrity guides our interactions and decisions, ensuring transparency and honesty in all our partnerships. Collaboration is at the heart of our process; we work closely with clients and candidates, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. 

Excellence is our commitment – in our services, in the talent we provide, and in the support we offer to our clients. These values drive us to not just meet but exceed the expectations of those we serve, building a legacy of trust and unparalleled service in the IT staffing industry.